Vineyard drills

Who says biggest is best!

Our flexible tyne and tunsten faced tips give you excellent penetration.

Taege Vineyard Drill

– Gives excellent penetration in all conditions.

– Creates outstanding tilth, giving much higher strike rates.

– Less rock and existing grass pull-out.

– Simple construction, less moving parts reduces down time, repair and maintenance costs.

All Taege drills come standard with:

Computerised sponge metering system:  Standard on all our models, providing fast, easy and accurate calibration without the risk of damage to seed.

Strong, fully welded, hot dipped galvanised frame and brackets: Ensuring the longevity of your investment.

121mm Row spacing Linkage models
Single box systems available for all models
Row spacing (mm) 121
Sowing width (mm) 968 – 1815 (121X8-15)
Overall width (mm) 975 – 1820 (121X7-14+120)
Number of drops 8,11,15
Number of tyne rows 2.5
Tyne Row Stagger (mm) 590
Seed box capacity (l) 150
Working speed (Kph) 2 – 14