Here’s what some of our customers say about our products

“I have always wanted a drill of my own, so it was very important to me to make the right choice.  I studied the principals of the Taege Drill, and liked the concept.

It also seemed sensible to purchase a drill that was made by New Zealanders for NZ conditions.  The set up procedure is simple and effective.

The drill is all that I hoped that it would be and deals with our ever changing conditions in Northland.

It will certainly get a workout in the autumn after the extremely Summer that we are experiencing in the north.

It has been encouraging to me that we are getting comments from the experts about our pasture condition since purchasing the Taege Drill”.

Andrew Parker – Whangarei

Purchased from Bryant Tractors – Whangarei


“The main reasons for purchasing a Taege Seed Drill were the ease of setting it up, and also the design of the tines, which always create a great seedbed, no matter what the conditions of the soil.

Northland has always had its challenges with both weather and soil types.

We haven’t managed to break anything yet, which means that our running costs for the drill have been minimal.

Would recommend the Taege drill to anyone.”

James Donaldson (B Ag Science) – Whangarei

Purchased from Bryant Tractors –  Whangarei