Tyre Rollers

Great Value, great results – you be the judge!

Improving your seed strike rate with better seed to soil contact, moisture retention and compaction – this is what we’re all about at Taeges!


Offset rows of tyres with gaps

– Eliminates bow wave when used in cultivated soil, achieving better leveling.

– Allows for effective removal of pugging in soft, wet and muddy conditions.

– Significantly reduces sideways drag on towing implements, with easy steering.

– No scuffing when turning in tight circles.


All Taege tyre rollers come standard with:

Hot dipped galvanized  frame and components: Ensuring the longevity of your investment

6.2m folds under 3.1m:  Allowing for towing on the road with over width panels

Front leading harrow option:  Making your tyre roller a more versatile machine

Hydraulic swiveling drawbar option: Giving you better steering and control on uneven and sloping terrain.

Increased seed strike rate:  With better seed to soil contact, moisture retention and compaction.

Optional upgrades:

Swivel tow eye Hazard panels and lights
Stone deflector Straight harrows – 12mm
Sweep harrows – 10mm or 12mm Air hopper broadcast unit
Wheel eradicator Steering drawbar



Fixed beam minimum = coverage

Fixed beam maximum = coverage

Folded beam minimum = folded width

Folded beam maximum = coverage

All maximum coverages = overall width

Fixed beam models Minimum Maximum
240TR4 (4 wheel sets of 4) 2500 2800
300TR5 (5 wheel sets of 4) 3100 3300
340TR5 (5 wheel sets of 4) 3100 3500
360TR6 (6 wheel sets of 4) 3700 4200
400TR7 (7 wheel sets of 4) 4300 4900
Hydraulic folding models
360TR6FH (6 wheel sets of 4) 3100 4200
400TR7FH (4 on beam 1 ½ wings) 3100 4900
500TR8FH (8 wheel sets of 4) 3100 5600
600TR10FH (10 wheel sets of 4) 3100 7000
Approx weights

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“I tell you what; I’m impressed and pleased with my Taege drill and tyre roller that I’m happy to take phone calls from anybody who has any questions about them”.

Francis Hammond, Canterbury


“I first purchased my Taege twin row tyre roller and was running that behind my previous drill.  Now with the combination of that and the Taege tyne harrows behind the Taege drill, in the areas that are getting minimal moisture I am getting a better strike rate because of improved seed to soil contact.  The roller isn’t heavy to pull and doesn’t have a lot of sideways pull on the drill”.

Peter Gow, Belmont Station