Post Drivers

“Undisputed Reliability!

This is what we’re all about at Taeges! Providing our clients with the strongest drivers on the market, that are purpose built to their needs and provides them with market leading innovation.”


Taege post drivers come standard with

– Heavy duty frame with twin box with 6mm steel

– Multi spool banks

– Monkey/Hammer ram with 50mm shaft

– Wooden post/spike cap


Optional upgrades

4m mast or 4.6m flip top Side shift options up to 600mm
Hydraulic spike tuner End shift
Augers Up to 13mm rope
Adjustable legs Side mount


Standard unit
Farmer series Superstriker Contractor
Spools 1 4 4
Top link No 250mm 300mm
Angle tilt Manual 200mm 200mm
Sliding side No 200mm 200mm
Monkey weight (kg) 230 – 320 270 270
Wire rope 10mm 10mm 13mm
Post cap Clamp Cap Cap
Adjustable legs No Yes Yes
Mast 4m 4m 4m
Optional upgrades
Extra spools Yes Yes Yes
Top link (mm) 200mm Standard Standard
Angle tilt 200mm Standard Standard
Sliding side 200mm 300 – 600mm 300 – 600mm
HD Sliding side 200mm Standard Standard
End shift No 200mm 170mm
Monkey weight (kg) 270 – 320 320 320 – 460
Post cap Yes Standard Standard
Boss & pins No Yes Yes
Adjustable legs Yes Standard Standard
Hydraulic legs No Yes Yes
Foldable mast 4 – 4.6m 4 – 4.6m 4 – 4.6m
Spike unit (mm) 75 – 90 75 – 90 75 – 90
Spike turner Yes Yes Yes
Average Weights (kg)
Base unit 610 – 710kg 855 – 970kg
Spike unit 205 – 255 205 – 260 205 – 260
Sliding side 30 Standard Standard
Recommended HP 50 – 65 90 -100 100+

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“It was time for a Taege. I needed a strong, fast, and long-lasting post driver to cope with the sever conditions we work in.  I’ve been in the fencing industry for 40 years and have a good knowledge of what is required to get the job done.  We need to be able to fit a few of our own customisations and it had to be safe, fast and strong.  We bought our first Taege contractor post driver because of the strong reputation.  The best feature is the hydraulic spike turner with the benefit of being faster and a whole lot safer.  We’ll be replacing our other post driver with a Taege”.

Chris Daley, Fencetec Contracting

I bought my first Taege post driver on the reputation they have and I’ve had trouble-free running for 7 years, never putting a welder to it.  The new one I’ve just purchased is great with the extras.  The hydraulic spike turner is brilliant for speed and safety and the end shift makes it a very easy one-man operation.  It’s a very well made local product that does the job well and what it was built for”.

Mike Warwick

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