Direct Drills

Tilth grows seed! This is what we’re all about at Taeges!

Our flexible tyne and tungsten faced tips giving you excellent penetration.

Taege 3m Direct Drill

Taege Direct Drill

– Gives excellent penetration in extremely hard conditions.

– Creates outstanding tilth, giving much higher strike rates.

– Great contour following ensuring more seed is where you want it to be.

– Less rock and existing grass pull-out.

– Phasing Ram system used to give even depth of seed planting.

– Simple construction, less moving parts reduces down time, repair and maintenance costs.

– No scuffing when turning in tight circles.

– Available in 3.6m or 3m option.


All Taege drills come standard with:

Computerised sponge metering system:  Standard on all our models, providing fast, easy and accurate calibration without the risk of damage to seed.

Phasing Ram system:  Used to give you even depth of seed planting.

Very flexible ‘S’ tynes: Set on a patented angle combined with the Taege 3-piece boots and hard wearing narrow tungsten faced tips, it is a vastly different set up to other tyne drills.

Strong, fully welded, hot dipped galvanised frame and brackets: Ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Optional Upgrades

Agitator Broadcast
Harrows Hazard panels
Small seed inserts Swivel tow eye
2nd back stainless bin Safety rails
Tail lights End tow set
Bin strengtheners


121mm Row spacing trailing models
Single or double box systems available for all models
Model 300BT121 360BT121
Row spacing (mm) 121 121
Sowing width (mm) 2783 3509
Overall width (mm) 3100 3700
Overall height (mm) 2000 2000
Number of drops 23 29
Number of tyne rows 3.5 3.5
Tyne Row Stagger (mm) 590 590
Seed box capacity (l) 504 628
Working speed (Kph) 2 – 14 2- 14
Tractor HP Required 85 100
Approx Weight (Kg) 1520 – 1730 1730 – 1930

Click here for the direct drill brochure

Click here for the direct drill owners manual

“When I need to drill, I want to go no matter how soft or hard the ground conditions are.  The Taege direct tyne drill suits all soil conditions.  The success is the tyne action, creating more tilth through the narrow tungsten tip, then the harrows refilling the slot, to get the fine soil around the seed.

In my view, it’s the easiest drill to calibrate, quick to do and accurate.  Maintenance is minimal and straightforward.

This is a very reliable drill”.

Stu Stokes