Seed Drills

Tilth grows seed!

This is what we’re all about at Taeges! Our flexible tyne and Tungsten faced tips giving you excellent penetration.

Taege drills perform well in hard, rough and challenging conditions but are just at home on cultivated land.

With the Computerised sponge metering system, which is standard across all models, it provides farmers and contractors with fast, easy and accurate calibration without the risk of seed damage.

Taege drills come with a sponge cover system, which means that the sponge bars don’t need to be removed when not in use, and with our strong, fully welded, hot dipped galvanised frames and brackets, it ensures the longevity of your investment.

Direct Drills


Uni Drills

Our 3m Uni drills are our simple no frills unit.  These drills provide excellent value with great results.