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2017 SIAFD Agri-Innovation winners

Taege Engineering, proud winners of the SIAFD Agri-Innovation winners for 2017. 

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Country Calendar

Taege Engineering was fortunate to appear in Episode 4 of Country Calendar on the 5th of March 2017.
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Country Calendar – Episode 4 – 2017

Jaiden Drough tests the new Taege 3m Air seeder at Ross Collier’s property in Waiouru.

Farm Trader checks out the newly released three-metre air seeder from Taege works well in hard, rough terrain

There’s always an element of adventure when it comes to testing a Taege machine, as you never quite know where in the country you are going to end up.

The team at Taege like to test their prototypes thoroughly. This means any new release hasn’t just had a gentle run on the Canterbury plains or volcanic flats but has been put through its paces on the steepest, roughest conditions the Taege team could find. And it has been accompanied by instructions to ‘go hard’ just to see where any potential weak points are.

The first time I tested a Taege machine (many years ago), the first thing I was asked was whether the machine needed a ‘This Way Up’ sticker. I don’t think I have tested a Taege drill since in a tractor without duals, which is a great indicator of the terrain these things are being used in.

Jaiden Drought checks out a Taege 8m cultivator at Beaumont Station in Central Otago.

Recently I got to visit one of the largest privately owned stations in New Zealand: Beaumont Station, owned by the Hore family. At 28,000ha, it’s a big slice of dirt. So what brought me to this wonderful part of Central Otago? The Taege eight-metre cultivator with seed hopper – part prototype, part hillside climbing cultivator.


West Coast farmland tamed by Taege Machines…

Brent Lilley heads to the West Coast to meet a couple who have transformed some wild land into lush pastures with the help of a team of Taege machines.

Taege post drivers

Most people assume all post drivers are the same. They push the pointy thing into the hard thing, making fencing faster and less arduous – I guess to the untrained eye this is correct. But, if you’re a Taege customer, the switch to a Taege post driver has shown there is a point of difference.

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