Airseeders – 300, 340 & 360 Series

“Tilth grows seed. This is what we’re all about at Taeges”

Built on the proven Taege drill base, our Air Seeder is a machine that has been in demand for some time. Competitively priced and offering great value, the Taege Airseeder offers a full range of complement upgrades to suit your individual needs.

Taege Airseeder – AS300, AS340 & AS360 series

– Available in 3m, 3.4m or 3.6m

– 25 tynes over 3m, 27 tunes over 3.4m and 29 tynes over 3.6m giving 121 spacings

– 700 litre hoppers

– Patented live tyne angle giving you excellent penetration and trash clearing

– Ability to drill around corners

– Contour following for sloping or uneven ground

– Full complement of upgrades to suit your individual requirements

– Phasing Ram system used to give even depth of seed planting

– Simple construction, less moving parts reduces down-time, repair and maintenance costs

Taege AS300 Series Airseeders come with:

Computerised sponge metering system which is standard on all models, providing fast, easy and accurate calibration without the risk of seed damage.

Phasing Ram System, used to give even depth of planting

Very flexible ‘S’ Tynes set on a patented angle combined with Taege 3-piece boots and hard wearing narrow tungsten faced tips, is a vastly different set up to other tyne drills.

Strong, fully welded, hot dipped galvanised frame and brackets, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Click here to view the AS300 owners manual

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